NanoSave™ Tungsten Hull Coat
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NanoSave™ Tungsten Hull Coat NanoSave Tungsten Hull Coat is a Revolutionary new Nano Engineered Paint Additive. This next generation in anti-fouling technology is engineered to be the most effective environmentally friendly way to protect your Hull from fouling. NanoSave™ Tungsten Hull Coat provides equivalent performance to traditional anti-foulants, but is a completely METAL-FREE Nano scale Tungsten additive resulting in a lower Bio-accumulation profile. Tungsten is the slickest substance known today and when refined to the Nano Scale it is unmatchable in it’s friction reducing capabilities. When launched, the Tungsten Nano surface creates a slick outer film that encapsulates the hull providing enhanced speed and leading edge performance against growth. Best of all Tungsten Hull Coat can be added to any anti-fouling bottom paint for the ultimate in performance and protection. Engineered with NanoShield Resistance is Futile.
  • Manufacturer: N1 Technologies, Inc.

NanoSave™ Tungsten Hull Coat

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