NanoSave N1g Grease 14 oz Cartridge --16 pack
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NanoSave N1G 16 cartridge case

NanoSave N1G with Nano-Shield is an Ultra High Performance All Purpose Grease. The First All Purpose Grease with nanotechnology built right in. Our patented process was developed by a highly skilled team of Chemists considered for the Nobel Prize. Tungsten Nano-Spheres create a thin lubricating layer of rolling Nano-particles on the surface of all friction bearing parts. This Nano-layer creates a unique triple effect, it reduces friction due to the rolling action of the Nano-particles, reduces wear benefiting from the special Nano-Shield that is formed, and NanoSave N1G resurfaces worn and brazed areas extending the life of all friction bearing parts.

N1-G was developed for use in a wide variety of automotive and industrial applications. It is an all purpose grease formulated with high-quality base oils and select additives that provide extreme-pressure and anti-wear properties, as well as excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion.

  • Manufacturer: N1 Technologies, Inc.

NanoSave N1g Grease 14 oz Cartridge --16 pack

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